Basement Egress Window Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want or need an Egress Window?
Egress windows let a lot of light into the basement
Egress windows turn any basement room into a legal bedroom
Egress windows protect your family by having a secondary fire escape
Egress windows increase your property value
Egress windows create a more enjoyable living space without the feeling of being 'in an enclosed basement'
Will all your equipment tear up my yard?
NO. We dig the egress window area with the smallest equipment possible, and place plastic down to protect your yard and landscape.
Can I put an egress window where there isn't an existing window?
YES. Put a window wherever you prefer. Your options are not limited to only enlarging existing non-egress windows.
Will the project be completed to current code?
YES. The entire project will be completed to the International Residential Code (IRC) 2000
Are permits required?
YES, Most permits are generally less than $200.
How long does this take?
The egress window installation is generally a 1 day project.
Does this make a big mess?
Cutting the wall will be done from the exterior, to minimize dust inside the basement.
What is a Basement Egress Window?
An egress window is a window that is required in specific locations in a basement and is intended to provide an emergency means of exiting or for fire fighters entering a basement. Windows must meet specific size and requirements to qualify as an egress window.
Where are Egress Windows Required?
Egress windows are required in every room that will be used for a basement bedroom, or in basements with habitable space. If you install a basement bedroom or bedrooms, an egress window is required in each bedroom.
What Type of Egress Window is Best?
Slider egress window: A (48” x 48”) sliding egress window will add a lot of light and give the space a more non-basement feel, if the room allows this size window, it’s ideal.
Casement windows with hinged sashes that swing free and clear of the opening can be relatively small and still meet egress requirements. This makes them ideal for basement egress and for other areas where space is limited.
Why Was My Home Built Without Meeting Egress Standards?
Many older homes were built before egress window requirements were implemented. Many other homes were built when the egress window net free opening size was only 5 sq. ft. Yet even newer homes often lack proper egress windows at times, basements were often remodeled, and bedrooms added.
Required or not… egress windows are critical part of a basement remodel. If any room has even a possibility of becoming a bedroom, do yourself and your family a favor and include an egress size window. Basement Egress windows are to give you and your family a way to escape, And … Allow firefighters and rescue workers a way in.
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