1. We call Ms. Dig before we dig to locate any underground utilities.
  2. We lay down 6 mil plastic next to the work area to protect your yard and landscape.
  3. We bring in the smallest excavation equipment possible to dig the exterior area where the egress window will be installed, placing the excess dirt on the protective plastic.
  4. The concrete wall will be cut from the exterior using a concrete saw with water hookup, ensuring minimal dust and minimal mess on the interior of the home. All excess concrete and dirt will be taken away and disposed of. (The Egress Window is now ready to be installed).
  5. Ensure proper support if necessary (if this is a support wall, or if home has a brick facing).
  6. Install window. Level and plum with treated wood, wooden shims.
  7. Ensure proper drainage, every home is different some homes have exterior drain tiles, some do not. (either way we will present a proper drainage solution for your home).
  8. Install the window well by attaching to the foundation wall, add escape ladder to the window well. Fill around the drain tile and window well both sides approximately 3" to 5" of 3/4" washed gravel so water will drain. Backfill with the existing dirt.
  9. Remove all excess dirt, concrete, and debris.
Project is finished! And you get an 18 month guarantee
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